This week we have a very special show for you. Susie Ramone, Zachary Zanetich and myself find ourselves lucky enough to be podcasting with comics from the back office at Mass before they perform at Laugh Your Mass Off. An event created by Brian Breckenridge and takes place every Sunday and Wednesday at Main at South Side. Before we sit and chat with Brian and headliner Alex Price (Indiana) and a couple of out of town locals (Tom Smith, Justin James) we hear the opening song, Paper Knife, from local favorites Sur Duda. We take a quick break halfway thru to hear Wrex do Bruce Wayne Flow and we close the show with Garage Barrage Too Many Office Parties. After the interview we stuck around and watched the show and it was so much fun. You have to go to one of these. Its a really, really good time. 

Zach Notes

Laugh your mass off Started August of 2017

About 45 shows so far.

Alex is from Indianapolis

Justin is from LA

Tom is from New York

But Justin and Tom are now dfw kids.

Talked about Dfw mid cities.

Genres of comedy and reading the crowd.

Louie C.K.’s poor apology


Good comics know when they bomb”

Open mic workshop at the tin panther

Monna and John Brown are on the show tonight

Monna really cares about the open mics and workshops.

When doing comedy don’t wear shorts.

Interrupting Ivy.

There is a larger base of independent bookers nowadays.


Make cool shit happen here.

Alex does a Twitter page @hauntedshopper


My Checkered Past in Dallas

Thanks for listening! Check out our friends #suckitstubbs

The Jerry Jonestown Massacre

The Jenny Janestown Mascara

Arlington Distorted



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