A Very Lindby Christmas

Its Christmas 24/7 here at Funkytownpodcast and this week we have the perfect band for your holiday spirit. Lindby joins us at One Horn Studios and we talk local Christmas music. They have 5 Christmas EPs now and they're all fantastic. We hear music off of their newest offering, Lindby presents. The show starts off with Christmas in Killarney and the middle track is The Chipmunk Song and we close out with My Favorite Things. The Hendersons' are featured on the EP. Find out how it all started. Find out what role Jme Knight and Aaron Knight had in the beginning. Lindby is more than just Christmas music and we talk about some of their other recordings like my favorite Erikson. I should probaby not mention it but we do Zach Libs this week. Ha Ha. Lindby was great. Missed having Ali there but the boys were awesome. I know its Christmas when Lindby is releasing a new EP. Its become one of my personal holiday traditons. Maybe we can get them back every Christmas! https://lindby.bandcamp.com/ http://lindbymusic.com/

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