Happy New Year and the New Years tradition on this show means it must be time to talk to Joe Savage. Perfect timing as well because he is doing a 6 week residency at Magnolia Motor Lounge on Mondays starting Jan 7. Joe also has has a brand new album coming out this spring and we get to hear a couple songs from it plus a live song to close! Along with Joe Savage we have Joe Tacke, Susie Ramone and Zach Zanetich is back from his honeymoon so we have Zach Notes!

First song-So High (off of upcoming album Liver Dye)

New Years and Christmas activities

Zach and Rebekah London trip

Travelin’ and Ramblin’

Liver dye

“Damnit, damnit, damnit, cmnd Z. I hope he has backup copies of those songs.”

Staying in Brazoria Tx and playing in Fort Worth

What is Fort Worth’s sound?

Second song-As Country as I’ll Ever Be (also off of Liver Dye)

Zach Libs

The podcast games/mini golf tournament/campout

Podcast camp out in May.


Arlington Distorted Podcast

People dying and bowls burning


Third song- Favors his Momma (Live in One Horn Studio)

Thanks for listening! Check out our friends #suckitstubbs

The Jerry Jonestown Massacre

The Jenny Janestown Mascara

Arlington Distorted



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