Lost Conways

I am very excited this week to bring you Lost Conways. Lost Conways is a two piece consisting of Matthew Broyles and Ashley Vanarsdel. These two are fantastic on their own but put them together and it's like peanut butter and chocolate.

Zach notes

First song- Love in the First Degree ( Alabama Cover) by Lost Conways

Tim McGraw indie country song and what’s wrong with country music today

Cover songs

Country and western music

Podcast recommendations for music production

Drugs and rock and roll

The origin of the Lost Conways

Our accents are disappearing

Second song- Bring Me Safely Down


Baby shark and memes

What’s there to do in heaven?

City vs. Country

The Lost Conways at the Peppermill Lounge Dec. 8th



Third song- Greensleeves


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