Back from April Fools and we have Mean Motor Scooter (Sammy Kid, Jeffrey Chase Friedman, Joe Tacke and Rebekah Elizabeth) in studio. I love having them in. We always have a good time and this was no different. We start off with a piece of Gutter Boy Blues. The full track is at the end of the show. In between we talk about the Music video, hookahs, 420, Texas Tech, Elvis and SXSW shows and in the middle we have Chillamundo, an email from Marlin, Zach Libs and the Bean Boozled Challenge.

Zach Notes!

First song- gutter boy blues

First healing

New ep coming out TV Baby

Music video shoot

420 Release show


Texas tech

What songs are on the ep?

Recorded at Cloudland mostly, some at One Horn, piano at Niles City.

Recorded digitally

Movie releases and musicals

Elvis movies are like porn- the music is the sex

Scooters stage presence

Sxsw shows

Second song- reanimator by Chillamundo

Email from marlin




Fishytown podcamp massacre


Third song- gutter boy blues

Thanks for listening an check out our friends #suckitstubbs

The Jerry Jonestown Massacre

The Jenny Janestown Mascara

Arlington Distorted


Robotuners Audio Diorama

WhiskeyBoy Radio

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