This weeks episode is extra cool. We have an out of towner visiting our fair burg.

Nathan Payne is a songwriter and bandleader who travels the world in search of the golden ticket and our very own Denver Williams invited him to the Pig Summoning Wizard House.  The house was great and the show Nathan put on was spectacular. I was super excited to have him on our show the following day. He has so many great tales to tell. He does so very well in song. It's tragic and beautiful. It's poetry. Real life dirty American poetry and I love it. It feels like we covered a lot of ground here but after spending Saturday getting to know Nathan and Sunday getting to know him a little more, I have a feeling we are only scratching the surface. I do hope he finds his way back. Zach Notes!

First song-California Hills

Show at the Pig Summoning Wizard House aka the Duck Pond Plantation.

Cool music video for that song

Life of being a songwriter and owning a room.

Lived in LA from ‘01 to ‘06

Falling love with Bjork at the hotel.

Nathan is influenced by Jack Kerouac

The grass is always greener in someone else’s bong.

God provides and life has its ups and downs

Second song-My Ass is Hooked on Dynamite


Mormons and chick tracts

Singing to children and coming through Fort Worth

How do you make money being a musician?

Universal base income? Nah

“Stop being poor”

How artists are treated in US vs South America.

Headed to Mexico on Wednesday.

At 45 you know who you are or you’re out of your mind.


How did Denver hear about Nathan?

Restaurant entertainment gigs are tough.

Third song-True Love is a Trip

The Jerry Jonestown Massacre

Arlington Distorted


Robotuners Audio Diorama


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