Its the most wonderful time of the year. Paul and Wendy Roach are back for their yearly Christmas visit. I look forward to this each year. It's like I am waiting for Mr and Mrs Clause. Christmastime is here and the first song goes by that same name. We have Tame Tame and Quiet doing the popular Christmas tune to start off the show. The first half of the show is very good. We talk about the American Christmas, history of Christmas, the winter solstice, pagans, the virgin Mary, the birth of Jesus and Santa Clause. Why is he always watching? The middle track is a beautiful song by The Cush. Recorded some 6 years ago this song is an amazing Christmas track and should be put on repeat. We continue the Christmas spirit in the second half with Christmas questions. The highlight of this to me was finding out what Paul's favorite Christmas movie is. I think we need a podcast screening of this film for next year. We also spend a little time finding out what Paul and Wendy have been doing the past year in retirement. If you miss hearing Paul's voice or want to hear more you can find his show World Spirituality on Unityfm and you can find all the links on

I hope all you guys have a Merry Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years. I appreciate each one of you that has listened and supported this show over the past 5 years. It's not only important to me to share the good news about Fort Worth Art and Music but show and spread local love. It all starts here with you and me. Its Christmas! Spread the love, the joy and the peace. Much love always! #suckitstubbs #merrychristmas

Oh Snap! I guess you want to hear about the last track. It's a doozy! Garage Barrage joined forces with Juma Spears for an epic Christmas Rap. Deus-Xmas-ina. It may be a little offensive to sensitive ears so I put it at the end. If you are here strictly for the wholesome churchy stuff you may want to stop before the last song plays, but if you like a little naughty fun sometimes, crank it to 11! Merry Christmas Funkytown!

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