This week we didn't have one guest, we had many. We decided to switch it up and spend the hour calling some of our friends. We call local musicians Sammy Kid of Mean Motor Scooter, Joe Savage and Luke McGlathery. We also have ties to some local podcasting legends and so we call Matt #suckitstubbs of Jerry Jonestown Massacare and Ass Hat Aaron Sanchez of Off Radar fame, which is celebrating 100! We talk to Susie Ramon from Susies Picks on the Pirate about tornadoes and the House of the Rising Thumb. Plus Zach pranks Rebekah. Its a little different than you're used to but a fun listen. Actually I haven't heard it yet. I hope its a fun listen. It was fun to record it. So theres that. As always we have 3 songs. The open is VVOES Days are Numbered. Shout out to Rene Floyd! The middle track is the Me-Thinks Loudensucke. We close the show with The Hendersons Promise Land.

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