Ryker Hall is a local singer songwriter and over the last year you may have seen him play at open mic's and songwriter showcases. He recorded a 4 song EP in Denton with a little help from friends in Denton bands. Soon you'll be a Skeleton is a really fun listen. With 4 songs and just under 12 minutes its a great way to start your day or add to a mix. The sound is part emo/post punk mixed with Americana if you had to classify it. The first song is Placeholder. It opens up the show and the EP. We ask Ryker about the album, the players and recording. We also learn about Rykers amazing ability to beat box and desire to sing in a hop hop song or possibly do some rhyming. He has a mix tape out there somewhere and a song with Juma that may be released soon. We also learned what it's like to be a radio DJ. Ryker was cool. Super fun and really interesting. The middle song we play is The Season. The second half we have no emails or Zach Libs but we do have more questions. "The whole show is questions!"- Joe Tacke The second half questions are more fun and random in nature and involves the whole room. The last song on the Ep and the song we close with is Roll Credits, Fade to Black. Listen to the end. There may or may not be an easter egg from Joe. Find the EP anywhere you get your digital music. Itunes, Spotify, Bandcamp ect.

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