Instead of doing a best of 2018 I decided to go back to the beginning and dig up some audio you may not have heard or forgot about. We start with the very first thing you hear on episode 1. It's my daughter Zoie and she is 9 and the audio is terrible but humble beginnings I guess. Then its episode 2 Fort Worth Love song where I get a little dumb then episode 3, Life is but a Dream, where i get a little deep and reflective. These 3 took place in Nov, Dec and Jan. February I went weekly and had on my first local band Slumberbuzz. Alan Rice followed shortly after with one of my more memorable episodes still. Vincent Neil Emerson was an early guest and played East Texas Blues live. Zachary Zanetichs fist appearance, WhiskeyBoy, Dustin Schneider and Matt Stubbs from the Jerry Jonestowns Massacres and a very early I Happy Am! Remember that time Ronnie Heart came by and showed us how to make a loop or Tommy Luke's lackluster love of his own album or that time Dustin and I did a podcast from the roof of the Live Oak. I was lucky enough to have Leon Bridges come by in that first year to do an interview and 3 live songs so of course I had to showcase that with Daisy May live and a little piece of the interview. After Leon Joe Tacke joined the team and his first episode to engineer was Torn up and Berto, then an early live version of a Chillamundo song "Trip" sang by Denver Williams. (This is cool because it's one of my favorite Chillamundo songs and I had no idea I had a really early acoustic version of it.) That first Christmas was the audio Christmas card idea and the idea to have the Rev Paul Roach on and the last show of the year was the first show at One Horn Studio with Josh Irwin. The show closes with a live song by Josh called a Matter in Time.

This crazy idea all started as just that, a crazy idea. I didn't know where it would go and what I'd do but as soon as the shows home base went from my living room to One Horn, with the addition of Joe and Zach and eventually Susie it has just gotten better over the years. Now we are 5 years in and have big fun plans for the future. So if you listen sometimes or wasn't listening back then this could be a fun history lesson. If you have been around the whole time you will enjoy the walk down memory lane. I left so much out from that first year that was so great but this hour or so is a great "remember when(?)" and hopefully it will leave you thinking "If this weirdo can create something out of nothing I surely can!" Get busy make 2019 your year. #suckitstubbs

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