The final Episode

This is the last official Funkytownpodcast. Thank you Thank you Thank you for all the support and listens.

Wrex "Unplug"

Segment 1 Jeff, Joe, Zach, Rebekah, Susie and Dustin

Joe Savage "American Odyssey"

Segment 2 the final Zach Libs with Jeff, Joe, Zach, Rebekah, Susie, Sammy and Garret

final thoughts and good-byes

Garage Barrage "Ecto Cooler"

Bonus content!!

I want to ask you to come to our farewell show. It will be a night of thanksgiving but funkytown style so it's called FTP Presents: Fakesgiving 2019. If you have ever listened to, been a guest of or a part of the show I would love you to be there. The lineup is perfect. There will be some sort of open mic at first. If you want to be a part of that email me or message me because time slots are limited. We will have Wrex doing his thing. He is full of gratitude. He even has a song that goes " I wake up early in the morning counting blessings" Wrex is cool and if you if you haven't seen him this is a perfect setting. Joe Savage is a staple on the show. He comes on the 1st podcast of the year every year to make sure we kick off the show in style and with intent. Joe Savage is some sort of Texas Buddhist Beatnick to me. He some how manages to wrap poetry with Texas twang and a zen like out look. To close out the show there couldn't be a better band to represent the funkytownpodcast spirit. Garage Barrage is one of those bands that brought me pure joy. Their music is infectious, sometimes silly and just strikes every right chord in my soul. My love for that band is as pure as the music they make from their garage while drinking Zimas and eating pizza. See you November 9th at Main at South Side. Show starts at 8:30PM

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