Deanna Valone came on the show this week and at the perfect time. She brought with her joy, beauty and style. What a cool person she is. Her opening song ( she played live) is a do wopy number called June July and August. This is where she got me. I love watching her play. I like her picking style, gorgeous voice and great lyrics. Then we just jump into it and start talking. So easy to talk to. I had never met Deanna before and sometimes that can make the first few minutes a little awkard as you feel each other out. Not this time. We talked about her music and work and the shows she puts on. I need to get to one of these Cafe Salon shows. Her second song is sort of a salty sea song with a great story called Bottle and the Brine. Joe Tacke and Zachary Zanetich were along for the ride this week and it was good to be back in studio with an awesome guest and great live music. We have big news about the show coming up in the next week or so so stay tuned. Check out Deanna on Facebook and go get some coffee and see her play. Her last song is a bluesy number called Yesterdays Coffee. I really think you wil like her voice and style. Thanks for listening you guys!

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