This week we have a very special episode for you. Torry Evan Finley aka TornUp has just released a very real, moving, heartbreakingly incredible album. The conversation is honest and thorough and Torry is open and forthcoming with very hard topics including but not limited to the police, politics, racism, religion, violence and so forth. It is a hard episode to describe but we do get heavy into the album, the songs on the album, the stories from the songs and the topics the songs raise. We start the show off with the first track off of the album "The Pedestrian" The middle break is a track called "The Menace" and the closing track is "The Faith". The album is a must listen! To give you a better idea of the album I want to quote Torry from the bandcamp page.

"In a tight 40-minute run time, each song depicts a different black person's perspective within the prison-industrial complex and how it effects them politically, economically, socially, personally, or all of the above. The first and last three songs are six different depictions of one specific police encounter and the songs in between are a series of vignettes that provide scale to these socio-economic happenings. I don't personally, necessarily agree with all of these perspectives, but after experiencing what I have first hand, listening to countless stories from others, and doing my own research, I do believe they all come from a real place."
"Exploring several different Black perspectives, this album examines what is worth investing our hope in while it is under systemic attack. It's about people trying to find a way to fight oppression earnestly without being consumed by grief. It's a "State of the Union" for the Black community addressed with the thought kept in mind that we live in a very different country than our white American counterparts and that is simply not an opinion. " -TornUp
Torry is an amazing person, incredible artist/activist and I am more than honored to call him a friend. I thinks this is his best work to date and I am privileged to have him come on and share his art, his grief, his anger, his hope with us. I hope you listen and support local. Oh last thing. We did talk about Deborah Whitlock Peoples, her running for Mayor and her meet and greet at the Boiled Owl with Wrex and TornUp.

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