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Instead of doing a best of 2018 I decided to go back to the beginning and dig up some audio you may not have heard or forgot about. We start with the very first thing you hear on episode 1. It's my daughter Zoie and she is 9 and the audio is terrible but humble beginnings I guess. Then its episode 2 Fort Worth Love song where I get a little dumb then episode 3, Life is but a Dream, where i get a little deep and reflective. These 3 took place in Nov, Dec and Jan. February I went weekly and had on my first local band Slumberbuzz. Alan Rice followed shortly after with one of my more memorable episodes still. Vincent Neil Emerson was an early guest and played East Texas Blues live. Zachary Zanetichs fist appearance, WhiskeyBoy, Dustin Schneider and Matt Stubbs from the Jerry Jonestowns Massacres and a very early I Happy Am! Remember that time Ronnie Heart came by and showed us how to make a loop or Tommy Luke's lackluster love of his own album or that time Dustin and I did a podcast from the roof of the Live Oak. I was lucky enough to have Leon Bridges come by in that first year to do an interview and 3 live songs so of course I had to showcase that with Daisy May live and a little piece of the interview. After Leon Joe Tacke joined the team and his first episode to engineer was Torn up and Berto, then an early live version of a Chillamundo song "Trip" sang by Denver Williams. (This is cool because it's one of my favorite Chillamundo songs and I had no idea I had a really early acoustic version of it.) That first Christmas was the audio Christmas card idea and the idea to have the Rev Paul Roach on and the last show of the year was the first show at One Horn Studio with Josh Irwin. The show closes with a live song by Josh called a Matter in Time.

This crazy idea all started as just that, a crazy idea. I didn't know where it would go and what I'd do but as soon as the shows home base went from my living room to One Horn, with the addition of Joe and Zach and eventually Susie it has just gotten better over the years. Now we are 5 years in and have big fun plans for the future. So if you listen sometimes or wasn't listening back then this could be a fun history lesson. If you have been around the whole time you will enjoy the walk down memory lane. I left so much out from that first year that was so great but this hour or so is a great "remember when(?)" and hopefully it will leave you thinking "If this weirdo can create something out of nothing I surely can!" Get busy make 2019 your year. #suckitstubbs

Its the most wonderful time of the year. Paul and Wendy Roach are back for their yearly Christmas visit. I look forward to this each year. It's like I am waiting for Mr and Mrs Clause. Christmastime is here and the first song goes by that same name. We have Tame Tame and Quiet doing the popular Christmas tune to start off the show. The first half of the show is very good. We talk about the American Christmas, history of Christmas, the winter solstice, pagans, the virgin Mary, the birth of Jesus and Santa Clause. Why is he always watching? The middle track is a beautiful song by The Cush. Recorded some 6 years ago this song is an amazing Christmas track and should be put on repeat. We continue the Christmas spirit in the second half with Christmas questions. The highlight of this to me was finding out what Paul's favorite Christmas movie is. I think we need a podcast screening of this film for next year. We also spend a little time finding out what Paul and Wendy have been doing the past year in retirement. If you miss hearing Paul's voice or want to hear more you can find his show World Spirituality on Unityfm and you can find all the links on

I hope all you guys have a Merry Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years. I appreciate each one of you that has listened and supported this show over the past 5 years. It's not only important to me to share the good news about Fort Worth Art and Music but show and spread local love. It all starts here with you and me. Its Christmas! Spread the love, the joy and the peace. Much love always! #suckitstubbs #merrychristmas

Oh Snap! I guess you want to hear about the last track. It's a doozy! Garage Barrage joined forces with Juma Spears for an epic Christmas Rap. Deus-Xmas-ina. It may be a little offensive to sensitive ears so I put it at the end. If you are here strictly for the wholesome churchy stuff you may want to stop before the last song plays, but if you like a little naughty fun sometimes, crank it to 11! Merry Christmas Funkytown!

This week we have a fun show and a full house of fantastic folks talking holiday festivities. Eric Griffey, Dustin Schneider join Joe, Zach Susie and myself and we kick off the show with

Christmas Sucks by the German band Christmas. The conversation begins with Spotify releases and the Phantomello and Mean Motor Scooter Show at Twilight.

I took the family on a trip to Glean Rose to see the Monster Truck Wars.

Local Christmas songs, Christmas lights, Christmas foods and traditions.

How do you feel about end of year lists? Tommy Luke has been naughty and we have a not safe for work Christmas song called XXXMas.

Emails. Then Eric G brings a list of 20 local songs of 2018 you should be hearing that will be in the Weekly this week. We have a 10 song preview.

Zach libs and local news and city development. Mayor Betsy Price is running for a 5th term!

Breaking news Zest 817 mag is coming out.

The Cenos from Dec till Feb 2nd.

We have a couple of Susie Shows to announce. (shows Susie Ramone put together)

Dec 21 at Mass toy drive

The last song is one of my all time favorite holiday songs from any band anywhere ‘Lonely Christmas” by Henry the Archer

Its Christmas time and one of our favorite guest is back! Fresh off a trip from Bolivia Allison Stanford is back telling us about her trip and spreading Christmas Cheer. We start off the show with I Happy Am's version of "Holiday Road" Allison went on tour in May with the Southwestern Adventist singers then in August she went to South America on a Fulbright Grant to teach singing in Bolivia. We talked about what it was like to live for 3 months in a foreign country. Where did she stay, did she have friends, what about food, live music and sickness. Hearing stories of the local music,  strange musical instruments, loneliness and ancient history makes for a really interesting conversation. I am always curious as to what kind of food one misses when away. What do you think she couldn't wait to eat when she got home? The middle track is one of Allison's favorite local singers and favorite local song "Lucky Smoke" by Ansley. After the break we have an email from Marlin, a pretty great Zach Libs, Local birthday and a local story about a man who was arrested while telling kids Santa isn't real. At the end of the show we talk about Allison's beau River Jones. River Jones is an Austin songwriter and has a great track called Strawberry Lit Moon. You can find the song and video on YouTube and features our very own Allison. We talk about the song and video before wrapping up. You can see Allison Sunday February 10th in Dallas at the Meyerson Symphony Center! Follow her on Facebook and on Instagram its Allison Soprano. #KeepListening #neverstop #merrychristmas #suckitstubbs


This week we do the podcast at a super secret remote location. Far West Fort Worth at my friends place Jared Miller and Haley Miller. The first track is actually the last track from last weeks show. Some people didn't get the last ten minutes of the show so I wanted to make sure you had a chance to hear Greensleeves by the Lost Conways. Ok so the first segment I am joined with Susie and Alan Rice. We of course talk about Zachary and Rebekahs wedding. I tell my fish story. I caught a monster in the lake!! Alan has some big things he is working on and there is the most awesome Christmas Concert this week at Unity Fort Worth. I go have gone every year and look forward to this year. Dec 5th and Sunday the 9th. As a flashback I play Alan's song "Getting Funky in Funky Town"! We have a proud dad moment, Dustin Schneider arrives in time for some Stoner Jokes of the Week. It was really great to be out by the lake with friends. You hear lots of voices and music. Being out by Lockheed we do bring up war and the end of the world and secrets on base. We have Acid Carousel "El Guacho" some more chatter and a Huffer track. I hope you guys enjoy the ride. We had so much fun and much thanks to the Millers for opening their home for some much needed outdoor activities and fellowship.


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Lost Conways

I am very excited this week to bring you Lost Conways. Lost Conways is a two piece consisting of Matthew Broyles and Ashley Vanarsdel. These two are fantastic on their own but put them together and it's like peanut butter and chocolate.

Zach notes

First song- Love in the First Degree ( Alabama Cover) by Lost Conways

Tim McGraw indie country song and what’s wrong with country music today

Cover songs

Country and western music

Podcast recommendations for music production

Drugs and rock and roll

The origin of the Lost Conways

Our accents are disappearing

Second song- Bring Me Safely Down


Baby shark and memes

What’s there to do in heaven?

City vs. Country

The Lost Conways at the Peppermill Lounge Dec. 8th


Third song- Greensleeves

Took it easy this week. Early Winter and early nightfall makes me tired. We do have great NEW music and really great conversation. We talk about Zach and Rebekah's Bach party, the worst bands off all time and local news. Find out what really happened to the Deputy who was shot investigating an illegal deer blind. Sometimes its just nice to sit and hang with the boys.

Zach notes

First song-Quaker City Night Hawks- Suit in the Back (Brand New!)

5 years podcasting?

Bach party and chasing rabbits

Second song- Goldilox Zone by Jefferson Colby (Brand New!)

Everything is being torn down

The cellar

Worst band music ever!?

“Blasphemy was it a blast for you?”

News and kids

Third song- Roxy by Garage Barrage (Brand New! with a special guest)

Victor Baby!

This week we have Victor Toruno from Svenny Baby! to talk about their 3rd studio album Voyager and other stuff. I love it when Victor comes by. The podcast is always a little more thoughtful. Anyway here is Zach Notes

First song-Imposter Monster

Zach’s wedding

The 5th podaversery and faking till you make it.

Victor is in a volleyball league

Taking a bite of humble pie

3 cases on the album

Lofi hip hop feel hinting at future songs.

Exploring the unknown, a voyage within.

We’re still growing with head vs heart battle

Feelings are hard

Music can be a truth.

Zachlibs? Yes.

Second song- 4am



Jonathan singing untangled

Getting the art

Notes on the album

Skits on an album


Arlington distorted podcast on SoundCloud

The venue with no name

Arlington-Denton exchange

King of the hill

I read the Bible

Bringing it back with the hero’s journey

Third song-Broken Disco

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Fishin Drinkin Campin Cursin with your host Jeffrey Lord (funkytownpodcast) Dustin Schneider (Jerry Jonestown Massacre) and Susie Ramone (she plays for both teams at times but we claim her at FTP) with special guest Joe Tacke, Zachary Zanetich, Rebekah Elizabeth, John Barry (bigfoot), Bob Howington (Zach S), Ryan Elmore, Chris Lundy (Marlin), Lil' Marlin, Brandon Brauer (Johnny Trashpockets), Trucker Jon Simpson, Janet Simpson and Chea Cuevas

Dustin had this idea to do a podcast camp out. 4 years went by and then Susie made it happen. The weekend was fun and needed. We recorded Friday night and again Sunday morning. This is the result. It really is two different episodes in one but you get it all. So this is what happens when you combine the Funkytownpodcast and the Jerry Jonestown Massacre in Lake Mineral Wells State Park in Texas for 3 days and 2 nights. #keeplisteningneverstop #suckitstubbs #fishytownpodcamp2018 #TexasStateParks #LakeMineralWells #funkytownpodcast #jjtm

video to come (fingers crossed)

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